Webinar Martedì 8 Gennaio ore 16:30

1984: what’s the message today

Scuola secondaria di secondo grado

con Brian Ayres

Contenuto del webinar

By creating an essential structure, in different ways, the webinar tries to help the students explore possible ways of dealing with dystopian themes with cross-references to Huxley’s Brave New World, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Orwell’s work.

Using simple exercises to explore the concept of dystopia and utopia, and some extracts from 1984, Brian Ayres will consider Orwell’s approach to language, and explore themes in the light of today, to involve the students in reflecting on how the novel is relevant and connected to other subjects in their syllabus (Italian literature, other English literary works, history and philosophy) and current political and social topics.

The webinar will be conducted in English.

Il Relatore

Brian Ayres is  an English actor and speaker. He visits schools with special programmes/performances and runs courses for students and teachers of primary, middle and secondary schools and universities. He trained as an actor for three years at Drama Centre, London, and he’s particularly interested in how language can be explored in a creative, enjoyable and personal way, both to express ourselves as individuals and to reinforce our capacity to function well in groups.

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