Eventi Secondaria di secondo grado Educazione civica Inglese

3 Dicembre 2021 - 1 ora

Words that changed the world

Le Lingue Live

con  Silvia Chini, Leonard O'Shea

Rivolto alle/ai docenti della scuola secondaria di secondo grado


Great historical movements and events have been marked not only by the actions of people and peoples but by their words. The inspirational speeches that have have become milestones in history in and of themselves are an example of the power that words have to change. They give voice to a concept, a movement, a crisis. When wielded by a master they can unite nations demanding action with  passion and an incredible sense of belief. They inspire individuals to rise above themselves and can change the course of lives. In this webinar we will look at how these speeches, through language and tone can be used as an educational tool for taking from the words that have moved the world.


Silvia Chini ha conseguito nel 2010 la laurea magistrale in lingue con lode presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano. Appassionata di viaggi e lingue ha sostenuto numerose esperienze formative presso Università straniere e appena laureata si è impegnata nel mondo dell’istruzione insegnando inglese e tedesco in scuole secondarie di secondo grado. Da alcuni anni collabora sotto varie forme con le case editrici Rizzoli e Mondadori.

Leonard O’Shea, born in Ireland, he has had a varied professional career working in Industry for many years in managerial positions before deciding that a change of direction was needed. Teaching fell upon him and rather to everyone’s surprise, including his own, it fit like a glove. He now teaches in a prestigious high school in Milan as well as in various firms in the city.



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