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di Silvia Chini

Secondaria di 2° grado - Inglese

If 28 million people harvest their crops on Farm Ville every day and over 5 million people in the world play videogames for 45 hours a week, why can’t we use some elements of video games for educational purpose? As Werbach & Hunter state, gamification is a technique based on using “game elements and game […]

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Webinar Martedì 4 Dicembre ore 16:00

Robinson Crusoe: a man for all seasons

Scuola secondaria di secondo grado

con  Brian Ayres

By using extracts from Robinson Crusoe and finding parallels with the novel and Defoe’s life, the webinar is about contemporary themes such as the relationship with other peoples, with nature and our desires, also through creative writing, dramatisation exercises and images. The webinar is conducted in English.